NUNATAK MEDICAL - who we are

NUNATAK is a manufacturer, service provider and one of the first contracting companies for medical devices which currently provides a stable supply of the highest quality medical PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) products for front-line health workers fighting against Covid-19.

The practice service has become an internationally successful provider for established doctors, hospitals, naturopaths, physiotherapists and emergency services - not only in Turkey, also worldwide. We are supporting proactively at solutions to the wide variety of challenges during Covid-19 pandemic and strive offering most innovated medical PPE products for medical staff.

We have also preferred to be inspected for our standards and quality control by third parties so that our customers and ourselves will be more comfortable. Hereby, all the PPE products comply with the International Standards.

Our objective is to complete the needs of our customers in healthcare, and we do so by offering a wide range of the highest quality medical PPE products, coupled with a team of experienced and skilled personnel who have been serving the industry for years.